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Complete Line of High-Performance Glazing

For Framing & Display Applications

Our collection of high-performance glass and acrylic glazing products provide solutions to your challenging aesthetic and conservation needs.

Our collection offers a range of features:

  • Anti-reflective display requirements for optimal viewing
  • Anti-static applications including friable media (charcoals and pastels), fragile surfaces, lightweight papers, textiles
  • Abrasion resistance from minor scratches associated with frequent cleaning, high traffic areas, and or traveling
  • UV protection for the display of light-sensitive objects where light is not filtered at the source
  • Crystal clear transmitted color when typical yellow color cast from existing UV-filtering glazing is objectionable
  • Safety & Security minimizing risk of injury and safeguards artwork in the event the glazing is broken or damaged
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Contact Us

As Tru Vue's museum and conservation liaisons, we are interested in hearing about your use of Optium and are available to answer any additional questions, whether they relate to the technical properties of glazing, preservation framing issues, glazing for traveling exhibitions, permanent collections, and/or loans.

For inquiries from North or South America, please contact:

Julie Heath
Museum & Conservation Liaison
(508) 688-4262

For inquiries from Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Asia and Oceania, please contact:

Jennifer Booth
Museum & Conservation Liaison – International
+44 (0) 7950776911

Upcoming Events

AIC Annual Meeting
San Francisco, CA
May 28–31, 2014

CATS Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 2–3, 2014

European Registrars Conference
Helsinki, Finland
Jun 8–10, 2014

IFLA World Library and Congress
Lyon, France
Aug 17–20, 2014

Melborne, Australia
Sep 15–19 2014

Koln, Germany
Sep 16–21 2014